How to Paint a Metal Gate

The most difficult part of painting a gate is the preparation. Ensuring any rust, corrosion and old paint is removed before applying a fresh coat is the key to a perfect finish.

Tools Needed

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Dust Sheet

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Wire Brush

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White Spirit

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Latex Gloves

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Metal Paint

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Paint Brushes


  • Lay down the dust sheet where you are going to be working
  • Remove all debris, old paint and rust with a wire brush and white spirit to prepare the surface for painting
  • Degrease the surface with a mild detergent for the best results
  • Ensure the surface is clean and dry before painting


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Step One

Using a medium brush, apply the primer on the gate to prepare the metal prior to applying the colour paint you’ve chosen. Start on the side of the gate that is closed to you and work outside in before moving round to the other side.

Step Two

Smooth out any drips with your brush to ensure you create a clean finish.

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Step Three

Use a smaller brush for intricate designs to ensure you cover all of the metal work and prevent rusting.

Step Four

If you’ve noticed exposed metal, dab paint on rather than brushing over as this with create streaks.

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Step Five

Leave to dry completely and repeat process if another coat is required - although a good quality paint and primer should do the job in one.

To keep your brushes in the best condition, wash them straight after painting.


  • Keep your paint in a place that’s dry and clean and easily accessible if touch ups are required
  • Regularly wash down your gates and lookout for signs of chips that may cause rust